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Risk Alert: Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT: Friend or Foe to the Legal Profession?

ChatGPT is a natural language-based processing tool via a chatbot that allows users to obtain answers to questions and to gain assistance drafting written communications of all sorts. Additional benefits of ChatGPT include automating repetitive tasks and conducting comprehensive data searches within seconds. 

Advance Conflict Waivers: Use Them or Lose Them?

An effective advance conflict waiver may permit lawyers to take on matters adverse to a client without the need for a subsequent waiver from that client and may limit exposure arising from a conflict of interest. Click here to read more for helpful suggestions for the possible use of advance waivers.

How Law Firms May Avoid Claims in a Bad Economy

There is no question that our economy has been in a weakened state for a lengthy time period, which may impact professional liability claims for lawyers. Virtually all areas of practice for lawyers showed an increase in claims as a result of the 2008-09 recession. 

Third Party Vendors and Your Practice: How Allied Vendors Help Streamline Firm Operations

The CNA Lawyers Allied Vendor Program has identified companies that can help strengthen a law firm’s risk control programs. Some of the tools provided by partners with this program include law practice management, document management, cyber/data/communications security, and more. Click here to learn more in this month’s article.

Hot Take, Not Hot Mess: How You Can Stay Ethical and Help Clients Communicate Effectively on Social Media During Disputes

For lawyers, social media and Internet communications can be wonderful (getting hired), horrible (receiving a negative online review) or interminable (awaiting a response from a government agency). It's all part of a day's work. 

However, social media communications can be much more difficult for clients. Negative posts by an opponent can turn a basic business dispute into a reputational risk. An employment or family law matter may be far more difficult to resolve if old wounds are reopened online. The client's post might even undermine the entire deal or case. 

Risk management tips for correcting omissions and mistakes in tax elections

Tax laws can often appear daunting, and even experienced professionals may make mistakes when it comes to meeting compliance deadlines and making tax elections. This month's article highlights specific regulations and examples related to tax election omissions and mistakes and tips for navigating these errors as an attorney.

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