Owner's Policy (BOP)

As a small business owner, multi-tasking is everywhere. In the business insurance world, a Business Owner’s policy or BOP is a multi-tasking policy that provides general liability and commercial property protection.

What is a Business Owner's Policy?

Wouldn’t it be nice to simplify your insurance buying experience without lessening your insurance protection? A Business Owner’s policy layers the most common parts of business insurance into a single policy making it easier to make a purchasing decision, consolidate costs and still receive the right level of protection for your business and its facilities. Like any self-respecting buffet, BOPs offer different coverage options within the General Liability and Property insurances to build personalized coverages to meet your business’ unique coverage needs.

Why You Need It

Claims Protection

Get more diverse losses covered while only having to make one purchase decision.

Business Security

As a business owner, you are always worried about disruption. Fight back with this trusted business insurance foundation. 

Business Continuation

Our Specialists work with you to make sure your packaged policy matches your exposure.

Personal Assets Protection

You want less cost without less coverage. Consider combining your risks into a policy that multi-tasks as well as you do.

Who Needs It?

Nearly all small businesses use their Business Owner’s policy as an insurance foundation and add additional coverages as needed. By protecting your business’ facilities or any expenses arising from a product or service delivery issue, it makes for a strong business insurance foundation. Consider it the “Meat and Potatoes” of the business insurance buffet.

Why Gilsbar?

We are professional liability nerds. That's the simple truth.

We thrive on building creative risk solutions and business support services to help our clients grow and succeed. Our team is a proud group of insurance gurus who know professional liability backwards and forwards. This may make us a yawner at dinner parties, but we know there is nothing funny about business risk without business insurance.

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