Gilsbar offers customers a new way to manage their business insurance policies through its new client portal. From the portal, users can renew and establish new plans, pull proof of coverage and quickly receive support from an agent all in one place.

Employee benefits are the cornerstone of a thriving organization. While some organizations may feel constrained by budget limitations, there are numerous low- and no-cost benefits that can significantly impact employee happiness and productivity.
Specialized technology insurance is relatively new and the terminology is still evolving as more claims are handled and new exposures are discovered. As a result, the terminology can be confusing and hard to understand. The following terms are some of the most common you will need to know to best understand your technology insurance protections:
Cybersecurity has become all the more important as organizations of all sizes and sectors expand their reliance on technology, even so, there are a variety of myths circulating regarding cybersecurity, many of which undermine the severity of possible threats and diminish the value of effective mitigation strategies.
Commercial property insurance plays a critical role in protecting the assets of a business. As such, it’s crucial for your organization to obtain sufficient commercial property insurance and understand the main factors influencing this line of coverage. Here are some of the latest trends impacting the commercial property insurance space.
A flood occurs almost daily somewhere in the States, costing thousands of dollars in property damage. Protect yourself and your business using these tips.
Discover key spear phishing insights and top cyber security tips to shield your business. Stay ahead of threats with Gilsbar.
Heightened healthcare costs are likely to continue impacting small businesses for the foreseeable future.
According to Mental Health America, 98% of mid- to large-sized companies offer EAPs, but only 4% of employees use them each year. This represents a significant missed opportunity for employers and employees.
If your business allows employees to work from home, solid cybersecurity for remote workers is a must-have. Here's what to know about protecting your data.