Commercial Property Insurance

Chances are at least some of your assets are tied up in facilities or equipment.

What Is Commercial Property Insurance?

When your child is in harm’s way – you move them. Unfortunately, buildings and most equipment do not work that way. Commercial Property Insurance secures your building and equipment by covering damage or complete loss. It is like a homeowner’s policy for your business.

Why You Need It

Claims Protection

Get losses covered on your building and equipment.

Business Security

Don't let building or equipment damages eat your profits.

Right-Sized Insurance

Our specialist work with you to make sure your coverage matches your exposure.

Who Needs It?

If you are asking us – we think all businesses who own a building or equipment. Chances are you couldn’t replace your equipment or building after a total loss, but you need that building or equipment before you can transact more business. Ensure your exposures, and know your future is secure.

What Our Customers Think​​​​​​​

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