Umbrella Insurance

Add an extra layer of protection to your existing business insurance coverages.

What is Commercial Umbrella Insurance?

Business owners often worry about their business insurance policies providing enough protection. A Commercial Umbrella Insurance policy offers more protection on top of existing business insurance to fill any gaps left from an existing risk management strategy. Dividing your potential exposures between business insurance policies and an umbrella policy can help you secure the coverage you want at the price you want. When it comes to protecting your business, investing in multiple layers of protection is often a smart buy.

Why You Need It

Claims Protection

Stop spending endless money fighting a claim.

Business Security

Stop worrying about how you will pay for unforeseen claims.

Who Needs It?

There is no formula for how much coverage a business should have in place. Several risk factors should be considered when deciding if your business needs an additional layer of protection. Our Specialists work to understand your business and your risk tolerance to build the right-sized plan for you.

What Our Customers Think​​​​​​​

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