Professional Liability Insurance

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What Is Professional Liability Insurance?

Let’s face it – mistakes happen. And when they do, a professional liability policy will respond to claims to protect your business and help pay expenses related to the mistake (or to fight a false claim). It works as a safety net over your company’s bottom line. Sometimes, this policy is called Malpractice Insurance or Errors & Omissions Coverage. We call it “Professional Liability” because professional is our middle name, and your liability is our sworn enemy.

Why You Need It

Claims Protection

Stop spending endless money fighting a claim.

Business Security

Stop worrying about how you will pay for unforeseen claims.

Business Continuation

Keep running your business knowing you're protected.

Personal Assets Protection

Build a buffer between your business and your personal finances.

Who Needs It?

If you are asking us – we think All Business Professionals. Any business providing a professional service where mistakes, even perceived mistakes, are a possibility can get sued. Recent trends show professionals being sued at least once in their career. We specialize in helping law firms, accounting firms, architecture firms and title agencies so there is a good chance we can help your business as well.

Why Gilsbar?

We are professional liability nerds. That's the simple truth.

We thrive on building creative risk solutions and business support services to help our clients grow and succeed. Our team is a proud group of insurance gurus who know professional liability backwards and forwards. This may make us a yawner at dinner parties, but we know there is nothing funny about business risk without business insurance.

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