Directors & Officers
Liability Insurance

When you protect the personal assets of your leadership, they are empowered to lead your business into the future.

What is Directors & Officers Liability Insurance?

Lawsuits will often include as many entities or people as possible in their claim to ensure success. Too often, your vital leaders’ personal assets are specifically targeted and put at risk. This coverage understands your leadership structure and protects your Directors and Officers from experiencing personal loss.

Why You Need It

Personal Protection

Claims happen, and general protection can work to keep your business open.

Business Security

Your business needs leaders, and your leaders need to know they don’t stand to lose everything.

Talent Retention

Strong leaders demand a secure environment that protects their family and personal assets.

Who Needs It?

If you are asking us – we think All Business Professionals. Any business providing a professional service where mistakes, even perceived mistakes, are a possibility can get sued. Recent trends show professionals being sued at least once in their career. We specialize in helping law firms, accounting firms, architecture firms and title agencies so there is a good chance we can help your business as well.

What Our Customers Think​​​​​​​

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