Commercial Crime Insurance

Insurance for crimes related to your business such as employee dishonesty, theft, and forgery.

What is Commercial Crime Insurance?

Financial details, personal health records, company strategies and goals – every business manages sensitive information which must be protected by their employees. Commercial Crime Insurance provides restitution for losses from a crime committed against the business by an employee. Betrayal is never expected, but you can make sure your business is protected from the unexpected.

Why You Need It

Claims Protection

Make sure you aren’t on the hook for losses that insurance can cover.

Business Security

Stop worrying about your business exposure and delegate with confidence.

Who Needs It?

All businesses with employees. Every business has sensitive information, and most businesses have team members to get the job done. Act quickly to put a blanket of protection between your sensitive information and your team members.

What Our Customers Think​​​​​​​

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