CNA Webinar 2023 Series: Managing Risk for the Road Ahead

CNA is proud to add this new webinar series to its list of Lawyer's Professional Liability risk control programs. Offered in live webinar format on four dates throughout 2023, the program is eligible for the full per-attorney premium credit, up to 7.5% per firm. Please visit the registration page or contact your broker for more information.

Risk management tips for correcting omissions and mistakes in tax elections

Tax laws can often appear daunting, and even experienced professionals may make mistakes when it comes to meeting compliance deadlines and making tax elections. This month's article highlights specific regulations and examples related to tax election omissions and mistakes and tips for navigating these errors as an attorney.

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CNA Live Webinar Option

CNA is proud to add the webinar “From Start to Finish: Managing Risk for the Road Ahead” to its list of lawyers' professional liability risk control programs. The program is eligible for a premium credit. The firm is suitable for a maximum of 7.5% premium credit per policy year if all attorneys participate. If all attorneys do not participate, the firm’s premium credit will be pro‐rated based on the number of attorneys participating. Premium credit is applied for 2 years. This program is available in live webinar format with four dates throughout the year.

The Devil is in the Details: Navigating Policy Limit Demands to Avoid Malpractice Exposure

Whenever potential damages substantially exceed the insured’s limit of liability, defense counsel needs to be cautious about how settlement negotiations are handled. Click here to read cases in which an attorney’s every action in response to a settlement demand may constitute a rejection if it does not strictly comply with the terms of the demand.

Gilsbar Dedicates Additional Resources to Assist Lawyers Needing Professional Liability Insurance in Georgia

With a well-known carrier’s recent exit from Georgia Lawyers Professional Liability (LPL) market, Gilsbar renews its commitment to Georgia lawyers by dedicating additional resources to the Georgia market.