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Dr. David Dupre joins Gilsbar to help mitigate the ever-increasing cost of prescription drugs 

Covington, LA, December 2019 – Millions of people depend on prescription drugs to stay healthy, but sometimes those necessary drugs come with a high price tag. To help our clients manage the growing cost of prescription drugs, particularly specialty medications, Gilsbar has established an employment relationship with a pharmacist with more than 30 years of experience helping manage healthcare expenses. In his role, Dr. David Dupre will act as a professional resource and peer advisor for Gilsbar’s Medical Directors when they make determinations concerning the most appropriate course of treatment and prescriptions used. Gilsbar’s Nurse Case Managers will also use Dr. Dupre’s expertise when caring for patients who have been prescribed high-cost specialty drug treatments. Dr. Dupre also sits on Gilsbar’s Medical Advisory Committee, which meets to review cases and provide guidance to Gilsbar's Medical Directors and Population Health Management team members. 

“We are always looking for ways to improve the health of our clients and at the same time, lower costs. Dr. Dupre's extensive experience as a lead investigational pharmacist for new drug therapies in California and as a member of the University of California San Francisco’s Institutional Review Board brings an exceptional perspective to our clinical decision making and treatment plan review. The new challenge in the health care industry is the high costs of specialty drugs and gene therapy. Dr. Dupre will help us address this challenge.”, says Paul Johnson, Senior Director of Gilsbar’s Population Health Management. 

Gilsbar continues to invest in the expansion of its personnel with specific skill sets that are needed now, more than ever. They are proud to continue providing solutions and support for businesses and associations looking for happier constituents and healthier bottom lines.