Woman receiving a covid vaccine shot

Starting October 1, 2021, Gilsbar is offering a COVID-19 Care Management program partnered with a digital app. COVID Navigator aids employers in managing their employee COVID-19 testing, vaccination records, and return to work requirements. This program is also an educational resource for employees who may have suffered from COVID-19 or may be considered COVID-19 Long Haulers. Available to members via an online portal and app, the following tools are a small sample of the resources and services provided:
• Health Assessment Questionnaire
• COVID-19 Resource Hotline: Assistance finding testing and/or vaccination locations
• COVID–19 Health Library: Access to library of evidence-based, educational articles and videos
• Coping with COVID-19 - Stress Management Education
• Eating to Boost Your Immune System Education
• Acute symptom management
• Long-haul symptom management

“Gilsbar is dedicated to bringing to market solutions that not only help our clients manage their business processes, but, just as importantly, provide a positive impact on their employees’ health and wellbeing,” said Christy Couvillion, MSN, RN, Senior Manager Population Health. “We understand that this virus is going to have long-term effects - on both business processes and the overall health of a company’s population – and Gilsbar is focused on offering the best possible solutions to our partners.” For more information on COVID Navigator, please reach out to a Gilsbar team member at EBSalesSupport@Gilsbar.com.