Gilsbar CEO Ryan Haun

Henry “Hank” Miltenberger and the Gilsbar Board of Directors have transitioned leadership responsibilities of Gilsbar and appointed Ryan Haun as CEO and President. Hank will remain with the company in an advisory role as an Executive Accounts Director.

Hank shared, “I, with our Board of Directors, long ago selected Ryan Haun to take over as CEO when I stepped down. I have been preparing him for years. As planned, Ryan took over as President and CEO on January 1, 2021. He has all the talents, values, character, and abilities needed.” When asked about his new role, Ryan shared, “As we begin a new year, Gilsbar is well positioned to continue our success and meet that change. It’s apparent from the way we’ve handled 2020. Regardless of what the future brings, both Cackey and I are proud to work here because of the company that has been built, its reputation in the area and the people we get the honor of working with. One thing I can assure you that will not change as long as Gilsbar operates is its purpose and core values and our commitment to them.”

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