Gilsbar Celebrates 60 Years

Covington, LA, April 2019 – Gilsbar is proud and excited to be celebrating our 60th anniversary this month. Gilsbar was founded in 1959 by Henry J. Miltenberger with one client and one goal, to provide unsurpassed customer service and create and administer health and life insurance related solutions that help our clients manage their risks. Today, following that same goal, we are one of the largest privately held Health & Benefit Managers in the country.

We provide our core services under three very important tenants: Lower costs, improve health and simplify the experience. We are recognized nationally for our culture and service and have been awarded several Best Places to Work honors. In the consistently changing environment of the employee benefits industry, it is rare to find a third-party administrator for fully-insured and self-funded health plans not owned by a carrier or connected to another large entity, yet Gilsbar remains a financially stable, independent company with zero debt.

When asked about Gilsbar’s legacy, our CEO, Hank Miltenberger, stated, “We focus on our client’s interests, always work with integrity, with courage, with a long-term view, with all our might and creativity, constantly striving for excellence, and to develop our people, processes, products, and markets while earning a reasonable profit… High aspirations and lofty purposes are one thing; actions, performance and reputation are another. The proof is in the pudding. We are still in business, still growing, still learning, and we still have our first customer.”