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Gilsbar Introduces New Digital Wellness Program

Since Spring 2020, companies have changed how they work and how they do business. Employees have come to the realization that working in an office on a daily basis may not be the most efficient way for them to work. They are also seeking out employers that offer more competitive wages and additional perks that they can take advantage of while working in a nontraditional environment.

Employers have been implementing corporate wellness programs for years, but given the high percentage of remote work happening across the country right now, and for the foreseeable future, traditional wellness plans that focus solely on in-office and group activities are no longer viable ways to engage with employee. Gilsbar has been offering corporate wellness programs for over a decade, but with the launch of Empower, an entirely digital wellness program, they are seeking to meet employees where they are – whether that’s in an office, their home, or anywhere in between.

Through the online portal, Gilsbar’s new Empower wellness product allows employers to create a wellness program that their employees will actually engage with. Health assessments, device integration, online health coaching and incentive program are just a few of the features that make Empower a best-in-class choice for digital wellness programs. “We wanted to create a program that was cost effective for employers but didn’t shortchange members,” according to Danielle Carlson, Senior Wellness Consultant with Gilsbar. “All too often, streamlined programs either come at a higher price tag or lack the features users want. We were able to strike a balance between cost-effectiveness and usability.”