Lawyers needing professional liability insurance

With a well-known carrier’s recent exit from Georgia Lawyers Professional Liability (LPL) market, Gilsbar renews its commitment to Georgia lawyers by dedicating additional resources to the Georgia market.

Gilsbar has been active in Georgia for decades and maintains a client retention of over 90%, even after the pandemic of 2020. Gilsbar’s underwriting with its carrier–partners in the state experienced declinations of less than 2% in 2020, allowing Gilsbar to place most business insurance inquiries received in the state.

Kenzie Schott Cardella, Gilsbar’s Senior Manager of Professional Liability Business Development Senior Manager of Business Development, Professional Liability Division, shared “By partnering with carriers that maintain conservative pricing, we feel confident these carriers can withstand economic and market changes. Our clients benefit and can, in turn, trust that their businesses are in good hands.”

If you are a Georgia lawyer with a non-renewing policy, please visit for a no-obligation quote.