Gilsbar offers customers a new way to manage their business insurance policies through its new client portal. From the portal, users can renew and establish new plans, pull proof of coverage and quickly receive support from an agent all in one place.

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On January 1, 2024, the new beneficial ownership information (BOI) reporting requirement enacted by the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) goes into effect.

When you agree to take on a new client, understanding all that you can about the individual(s) or entity is imperative for effective representation.

ChatGPT is a natural language-based processing tool via a chatbot that allows users to obtain answers to questions and to gain assistance drafting written communications of all sorts.

An effective advance conflict waiver may permit lawyers to take on matters adverse to a client without the need for a subsequent waiver from that client and may limit exposure arising from a confli

There is no question that our economy has been in a weakened state for a lengthy time period, which may impact professional liability claims for lawyers.

The CNA Lawyers Allied Vendor Program has identified companies that can help strengthen a law firm’s risk control programs.

For lawyers, social media and Internet communications can be wonderful (getting hired), horrible (receiving a negative online review) or interminable (awaiting a response from a government agency).

CNA is proud to add this new webinar series to its list of Lawyer's Professional Liability risk control programs.